Home Concierge

Home Concierge is for Those Who Want to Maximize Profits and Sell Faster.

How you’ll benefit:

  • Mitigate your risk: Leverage our experience and formula, rooted in ROI, to determine an accurate budget and renovation plan.
  • Hassle-free renovations: Our team will spec, design and manage to ensure quality, timeline and budgets are kept.
  • No money out-of-pocket: We’ll front all capital for pre-sale home renovations with no interest or fees. It’s paid back through escrow.

Additional Services


Trade Up

Trade Up is for those who want flexibility when transitioning into their new home.

  • Work with our team for pre-approval
  • We buy your new home, you move in
  • List and sell your old home

Sell 360

Sell 360 is for those who want to sell quickly without leaving money on the table.

  • Get a guaranteed offer from Revive
  • Sell and move on your schedule
  • We prepare your home for resale
  • Maximize home value – If your home sells for more than we paid for it, we give you the additional cash minus selling costs and program fees.

Home Concierge is for Those Who Want to Maximize Profits and Sell Faster.


488 Roosevelt St., San Francisco

This property was in desperate condition when we first were brought in by the executor of the estate. The owner had let this 3 bedroom/2 bath Corona Heights townhouse completely go in his later years. It was essentially uninhabitable and unlendable. At best they might have gotten $850,000 for this 1500 sq ft condo. With our program we came in and did a total renovation – Kitchen, both baths, all new flooring, many new front windows, new lighting, plumbing repairs, painting and wall repairs, sound proofing and staging. All told we spent about $230,000. We brought the property on the market and it sold with multiple offers for $1,630,000. So a net to the sellers of more almost double the investment.


429 Johnson St, Sausalito

This lovely turn of the century Victorian bungalow was located on a secluded flag lot just a block for Sausalito Caledonia street. But in the house you felt like you were in a your own secret garden. The home, which had two units, a 2 bedroom upstairs and a 1 bedroom downstairs, needed to have the wrap around deck almost completely replaced and the main bathroom and kitchen were original and not very functional. Additionally it needed paint inside and out. Estimates to sell in the current condition were about $1,500,000. We did the work and received 9 offers and sold for $2,020,000 with about $125,000 spent.


990 Monterey Blvd., San Francisco

990 Monterey Blvd., San Francisco - In this case we helped our clients to buy their dream house. They had been looking for several years and had some very specific needs for their new home, including an elevator. When this came on we were able to jump on it without having to have them first sell the home they were living in through our Trade-up program. We made an non-contingent offer, preemptively, with a 2 week close which the seller happily accepted. We were then able to go in and clean up and sell their home using the concierge program, selling it for more than enough to cover the costs of the trade-up program.

Other Properties to Have Used the Program:

Renovate Now.      Sell For More.      Pay At Closing.

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